Factor Tree and Isabel Díaz. My memories, emotions and story.

The sound of the steel scissors cutting the textile on a long wood table and the stitching of an old Singer are the memories of my childhood in the tailors workshop of my grandparents. I inherited from them the importance of working with precision and care. Years later, my fascination for the creative process and development of new products takes me to study industrial design engineering and specialise in car design. Over the course of ten years I go on to work in the design studio of several automotive brands, in Italy, Germany and England and take part in the creation of several showcars and vehicles currently in production. Little by little the interest for fashion and specially footwear grows in me and I decide to seek training with master artisans and in international fashion schools such as Central Saint Martins in London.

I move to Spain, where I am fortunate to have the opportunity to teach the traditional handcrafted process of espadrille making and collaborate with local designers in the creation of bags and footwear. This experience becomes the turning point to put into practice all the searching years about sustainable materials and production techniques. Factor Tree is born, my personal project.

The Factor Tree collections, timeless and limited edition, are inspired by the Mediterranean Sea and its local style of life that reminds us the importance of enjoying the little moments and the simple but authentic things. The main characteristics of the brand are the handcrafted processes and ecological materials, of non-animal origin. These materials are kind to both the skin of those wearing them and the environment, like the organic cotton with GOTS certification, jute, cork and natural rubber.

Handcrafted processes

The Factor Tree espadrilles are made in small workshops in Spain and they are meticulously sewn by hand, stitch by stitch and loyal to the Spanish tradition which has not changed since centuries. In these workshops we take care of every detail, from the selection of the best materials, the creation of the patterns and the craft of the espadrilles.

sewn by hand
Hand stitched
sewn by hand
sewn by hand
Sewn by hand

Premium materials

The materials used are natural, of maximum quality, from European suppliers and produced in a responsible way, following ecological and ethical standards.

organic cotton GOTS certified
jute sole